About me - Andrew Eddie

About me

Hi, I’m a software developer currently working for eBay. While originally a Civil Engineer, I moved into the web application development field in 2000. I’ve been involved in the Open Source Software movement in professional, volunteer and leadership capacities since 2002. My most notable contributions have been with the Project Management System dotProject, the award winning Content Management System Mambo and the award winning Content Management System Joomla, a project he co-founded. He has made minor contributions to other respected Open Source projects just as phpDocumentor and Phing.

I’ve spent many years developing in PHP but am now exploring other technologies such as Node and Jekyll.

About what I like

Browser (Safari) Extensions


  • PHPStorm (for the heavy lifting)
  • TextMate (for the adhoc stuff)
  • Atom (because it’s new)


  • Clash of Clans
  • Boom Beach


Ok, my tastes follow people like Hans Zimmer (Gladiator, Batman Begins), James Horner (Titanic), John Williams (Star Wars), Vangelis (Chariots of Fire), Danny Elfman (Batman and Batman Returns) and many others - basically the “Epic” genre. If you don’t like those then don’t bother checking the following links out. Almost all have a wide selection of free MP3 downloads.

  • Aaron Sapp - www.aaronsapp.com
  • Chris Bouchard - www.chrisbouchard.tk
  • Chris Haigh - www.cphproductions.co.uk
  • Jamie Christopherson - www.jamiechristopherson.com
  • Paul Lawler - www.paullawler.org
  • Jared Hudson - www.jaredhudson.com
  • Justin Durban (Edgen) - www.edgen.com (fav)
  • Matthew A Weber - at myspace
  • Michael Jorns - at myspace (fav)
  • Michael Law - www.michaellawmusic.com
  • Paul Houseman - www.paulhouseman.com (fav)
  • Scott Buckley - www.scottbuckley.tk (fav - Aussie lad)
  • Teo Wei Yong - www.audivarius.com
  • Wilbert Roget,II - www.rogetmusic.com
  • Will Muser - www.willmusser.com