ArtofEditor 1.0.3 Released

August 25, 2010

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ArtofEditor Version 1.0.3, a WYSIWYG editor plugin for Joomla based on the very popular CKEditor, has now been released. This version includes updates to the latest version of CKEditor 3.4.

For more information and download details see the extension page for ArtofEditor.

The CKEditor 3.4 release introduces several exclusive features into the editor, like BiDi support, the ability to resize table columns with a mouse click, enhancements to the TAB key navigation on tables, support for read-only regions, the good and old autogrow plugin, among others.

For more information on CKEditor 3.4 see the vendor’s release information.

New features/fixes in this version of the extension include the following:

  • Added .clr specification to editor stylesheet to correctly portray clearing divs.
  • Fixed bug in link to documentation page.

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