Eclipse Snippets for Joomla Developers

January 29, 2013

Reading time ~1 minute

I’ve added a number of Eclipse snippets that I have used on a regular basis to assist with Joomla extension development. You can find them in the new Snippets area on this site.

If you don’t know how to use snippets in Eclipse, I’ve made a video tutorial that will help get you started. Have a look at the Development Tools video on the Learn the Art of Joomla site (about half way through).

The snippets cover a number of categories and include:

  • Common component code
  • Code for writing backend component list pages
  • Code for writing backend component edit pages
  • Code for packaging your extensions

There are a number of other snippet categories that cover supporting code in components as well as modules and plugins.

For those that use Eclipse regularly for Joomla development, I think you’ll find these snippets a huge time saver.

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