Joomla! and the GPL

July 07, 2007

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After a very long and sometimes heated debate on the Joomla! Forums, Joomla! recently clarified it’s position on how the GPL, the license under which Joomla! is released, affects third-party extensions. To cut a long story short, extensions are considered derived works in terms of how extensions inherit the parent license of the system.

New Life in IT fully supports the direction Joomla! has taken because it believes that the need to keep the GPL outwieghs the need for others, including us, to have the right to be able to release proprietary code for Joomla!. As such, we have decided to endorse the fact that New Life in IT will be using a commercial GPL model to release our flagship commercial extensions. These are RokZine, an industrial strength magazine style component, and Things, a very flexible catalog system. Various incarnations of these product have long formed the backbone of our consulting projects and we are working towards retail versions that will be distributed through our partnership with RocketWerx. More information will be available on these two products very soon.

Our FAQ page has been updated to explain how our software, and it’s license, will work.

We will also continue to support our free (as in free beer) offerings as well which include the every popular RokReporter (we are taking calls for low-cost custom reports now) and some new projects in the works called RokTodo and RokACL. Stay tuned for more information on these project.

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