Joomla Developer Training - 2009 Melbourne, Australia

January 09, 2009

Reading time ~2 minutes

As a part of the Joomla Day in Melbourne, Australia, Andrew Eddie will be running a workshop for Joomla developers (seats are limited and filling fast!). Joomla 1.5 has been built with the developer in mind and affords an incredible degree of freedom for customisation. The participant will receive an overview of the new Joomla Framework that ships with Joomla 1.5, how it is laid out and what is relevant to the developer on a day to day basis. Each extension type will be look at from a high level, particularly the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern is used in Component development. The use of layout overrides will be looked at in depth as a way of addressing sites with otherwise challenging expectations.

No materials will be required but a laptop with your editor of choice and a running Joomla site is desirable so you can follow along. Basic programming skills will be required and there is an expectation that you can read programming and markup languages such as PHP, Javascript and HTML. You should also be familiar with installation and the basic usage of Joomla to deliver Web site solutions for either yourself or others.

This workshop will be a great introduction to developing in Joomla if you are wanting to get started (but it all looks too scary), if Joomla is mission critical to your organisation and you are wanting to go deeper supporting it, or if you are providing customisation and/or development services as a business to others.

Presenter Biography

Andrew Eddie is the owner of a small web consultancy based near Toowoomba, Queensland and co-owner of the product solutions company JXtended which makes several free and commercial extensions for Joomla. While originally a Civil Engineer, he moved into the web application development field in 2000. Andrew has been involved in the Open Source Software movement in professional, volunteer and leadership capacities since 2002. His most notable contributions have been with the Project Management System “dotProject”, the award winning Content Management System “Mambo” and currently with the award winning Content Management System “Joomla!”, a project he co-founded. He has made minor contributions to other respected Open Source projects just as “phpDocumentor” and “Phing”.

Andrew currently serves as one of the Development Coordinators of Joomla which look after teams responsible for the development of new releases, quality control, maintenance and security of the software. This involves many volunteer hours and duties ranging between pure coding, organising project teams, strategic planning and people management. He speaks regularly in Australia and internationally, advocating the cost effectiveness of Open Source software and generally sharing his knowledge about how individuals and business can be empowered by using Joomla!.

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