Joomla login event execution

February 16, 2009

Reading time ~1 minute

This execution trace begins with at the User Component Controller method for login, UserController::login (called within the application dispatch method)

  • Call to JApplication::login($credentials, $options) where $credentials is a named array holding username and password, and $option is a named array of additional parameters: remember, silent.
    • Get instance of JAuthentication
    • Call to JAuthentication::authenticate($credentials, $options) and response assigned to a variable
      • Load all authentication plugins
      • Create a new JAuthenticationResponse object
      • Loop through each authentication plugin
        • Check if required class exists
        • Call the onAuthenticate method passing credentials array, options array and response reference
    • If response is a SUCCESS
      • Import user plugins
      • Trigger onLoginUser passing the response and the options to plugins. Returns an array of booleans.
      • If false is not in the returned array, check if remember option is set and then return true
    • Trigger onLoginFailure passing the response
    • If silent option is set, return false; otherwise return a warning

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