Joomla Templates 110 - Module Layout Overrides

April 09, 2009

Reading time ~1 minute

Modules, like components, are set up in a particular directory structure.

      default.php        (the layout)
    helper.php           (a helper file containing data logic)
    mod_latest_news.php  (the main module file)
    mod_latest_news.xml  (the installation XML file)

Similar to components, under the main module directory (in the example, mod_latest_news) there is a /tmpl/ directory. There is usually only one layout file but depending on who wrote the module, and how it is written, there could be more.

As for components, the layout override for a module must be placed in particular way. Using Beez as an example again, you will see the following structure:

      /mod_latest_news  (this directory matches the module directory name)
        default.php     (this file matches the layout file name)

The structure for module overrides is again quite simple: /html/mod_module_name/layout_file_name.php.

Copying or Creating Layout Files

The rhuk_milkyway template does not have any layout overrides for any modules. If we want to override the default layout for Latest News module, we need to copy this file:


to this location, creating the approriate directories in the event they don’t already exist:


You need to take a little care with overriding module layout because there are a number of different ways that modules can or have been designed so you need to treat each one individually.

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