Lifting the lid on Joomla 1.6

July 08, 2009

Reading time ~1 minute

The video and notes to Andrew Eddie’s presentation to the Joomla User Group Brisbane (7 July 2009) on current state of Joomla 1.6 are now available.

This presentation outlines the good news (new, desperately wanted features) and the bad news (some things have to change) with regard to how Joomla 1.6 is shaping up between the alpha and beta releases.

Lifting the lid on Joomla 1.6 - Mk II from Andrew Smith on Vimeo.

Download presentation notes: lifting_the_lid_on_joomla_1.6.pdf

Thanks to Andrew Smith for production work on the video. Thanks also go to Roarz Computing, ZacWare, Jumar Solutions Australia, PB Web Development and the Byron Bay, Sydney and Melbourne Joomla User Groups for greatly supporting New Life in IT to work on Joomla 1.6.

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