Joomla development 204 - Adding a toolbar

This lesson introduces looks add adding a toolbar and introduces Joomla’s text translation API.

Joomla development 203 - Adding MVC to hello world

This lesson looks at converting our simple Hello World component into a Joomla MVC version.

Joomla development 202 - Introducing MVC

This lesson introduces the concepts of the Model-View-Controller paradigm and how it relates to the Joomla Framework API.

Joomla development 201 - Hello world

This lesson shows you how to begin a component in Joomla using the Discover feature in the Extension Manager.

How to register a component in the Joomla database

Unlike modules and templates which can be “dropped” into place and Joomla will just find them, components need to be registered in the components table. This is a pain to do so here a quick solution. We just need to create three files, mostly copy-pasted from the code below.

Joomla Development 104 - Setting up your site for debugging


Welcome back.

Joomla Development 103 - Coding styles, docblocks and code comments


Ah good, you have the makings of an excellent apprentice developer and you make me very happy by doing this lesson. Coding formatting is the dish-washing of the programming world. Everyone hates it but doing it right and doing it consistently is very important