Advanced Administrator Menu for Joomla

Advanced Administrator Menu is an extension for Joomla 1.5 that helps you reorganise your components menu. If you have a web site that has dozens of components installed, the menu can get pretty long and disorganised. Advanced Administrator Menu allows you to create new menus in which to group your components in more logical ways. For more information see the Advanced Administrator Menu page at the Art of Joomla web site.

Removing the Joomla Generator Tag

A common request from Joomla web masters is the ability to remove the generator meta tag from the source output of the site. This is usually for security reasons to make it less obvious that the site is running Joomla. The generator value is really easy to modify and remove with one line of PHP code.

Investing in Joomla's Future Developers

The Google Summer of Code has been a very reliable source for raising new developers and contributors for the Joomla project. It’s that time again in 2009 for Summer of Code to begin and Joomla has been granted 18 student projects amounting to a direct and indirect investment of US$90,000 from Google. To further the investment in the project, New Life in IT has donated a subscription to The Art of Joomla Developer Reference to each Summer of Code student to assist them in their respective projects (nearly AU$900 in value). The Art of Joomla Developer Reference is a growing, online resource of technical documentation that teaches developers and designers the art of building Joomla extensions. Fostering the future generation of Joomla developers and leaders is an important part of why Joomla has become the most popular Content Management System in the world.

Joomla Designer and Developer Training - Brisbane, 1 May

In conjunction with Joomla Day Brisbane 2009, New Life in IT will be running two excellent training workshops on 1 May. There are only a few days left to secure the remaining seats for this unique training opportunity from Joomla core developer Andrew Eddie. The morning session is everything you wanted to know about how Joomla does templating but were afraid to ask (excluding the elements of artistic design). This session is especially tailored for people who do not know PHP well or at all. The afternoon session is about unraveling the mysteries of the Joomla Framework as a development platform. For more information see the Joomla Day Brisbane synopsis. Those attending either training course will also receive a free 12-month subscription to The Art of Joomla Developer Reference.

The power of the Joomla brand

I have to be honest and say I was nervous when I pushed the button to announce the fork away from the Mambo project August of 2005. I really had no idea whether we’d make it through even the first year. Well, we did and the fourth anniversary of that fateful day is only four months away. Joomla quickly eclipsed the Mambo project on every metric and eventually even the most hardened of fence-sitters had to concede that the fork had indeed stood it’s ground and achieved success in its own right and the Joomla-versus-Mambo days are long past. So how has Joomla as a brand performed over this time?

The Joomla Framework provides you a simple utility class called JProfiler to profile the time that it takes to do certain tasks or reach various milestones as your extension runs.

Another thumbs down for Joomla bites the dust

Among the varied criticisms of Joomla had been the lack of a directory showing what the most popular CMS in the world can do. That changed today with the launch of the Joomla Community Showcase. The directory opens with a listing count of 109. Given the estimated tens of millions of sites out there, one can only guess at how quickly the directory will grow, possibly exponentially. This will be a site to watch. It will grow fast because it will be showing off some of the best web sites in the world and proving beyond a shadow of a doubt why Joomla is so popular.