RokTodo is done

RokTodo is a very simple Joomla! 1.5 component that allows you to add placeholder menu items with meaningful text, or images, to help you demonstrate the structure of a completed site. So if your client or boss is struggling with the link backs to the home page and being asked to imagine the big picture (we all know this doesn’t go down well when trying to give the appearance of having made some progress), RokTodo is for you.

Joomla! and the GPL

After a very long and sometimes heated debate on the Joomla! Forums, Joomla! recently clarified it’s position on how the GPL, the license under which Joomla! is released, affects third-party extensions. To cut a long story short, extensions are considered derived works in terms of how extensions inherit the parent license of the system.

Much todo about nothing

I was doing a client site recently and was struggling with having to explain to the client “well, imagine this page is here” and the modules will be this way or that way. So I started putting just links in to index.php but after a while I thought that was a bit lame. Well, the lights went on and the violins played and I can up with the idea that all I need is a menu item that has a textarea for a parameter to display a message and an under-construction notice. Viola! RokTodo was born and is possible the smallest component in the world. It also gives you the ability to position modules on the correct pages (which is something the old link trick could not provide for).

Advanced ACL for Joomla! is Coming

Those following the RocketWerx SVN will notice an interesting new addition: RokACL. RokACL will be a component for Joomla! 1.5 that will lay the foundations for advanced access control. It will allow you to add new user groups, your own sets of permissions and be able to assign various combinations to form Access Control Lists.

Life Breathed into Mambo Designer

This rather interesting component is a bit of a veteran having come through various incarnations - MamboMDK, MamboDesigner, JamboDesigner, JoomlaDesigner - and now, just to be different, RokCodeIt. It’s a rather sentimental project because it was one of my first publically released components back in the Mambo glory days.
RokCodeIt is a Joomla! 1.0 extension for developers. I originally wrote it because I was fed up with the task of assembling all the file paths in the mambo install xml file. Once I’d done that, I thought to myself - self, wouldn’t it be good to have this build the zip file automagically for me. Even if I do say so myself, it pretty quick and slick at creating a package file for distribution.
The other thing is does really well is exporting a database table to a derived mosDBTable class.
If you look under the hood you will see my signature 1.5 forward-compatibility framework (most people think this is the craziest thing they have ever heard - but hey, it works) bolstering most of the source. I haven’t had time to refactor all of the source “the right way” - but the export view is a good example of how things should be done in Joomla! version 1.5.
Several things are pluggable. You can add more export formats by just following the examples provided. You can also add more security scanning routines.
As always, because it can mess with some of the important core tables, be careful. This component should not be installed just to see what it does. If you are not a developer, please steer clear of it because it could stuff up your site badly if used the wrong way.
There is a true 1.5 version in the melting pot and hopefully it will include sopme extra productivity tools like being able to create boiler-plate components.
RokCodeIt can be downloaded from the project site on joomlacode.

JamboReport is back

After too long an hiatus, i’ve given the old JamboReport project a dust off. It now has a new name, RokReporter, and home on JoomlaCode.
It now comes standalone - no secondary libraries to install. There are “minor” changes to the API but nothing too serious. It will remain in Beta until I’ve had time to freshen the User & Developer Manual.
RokReporter runs on Joomla! 1.0.7 or above. A version for 1.5 is planned but not available at this stage.

Hello World

Like all good C programmers before me, and to come, we simple must have the obligatory “Hello World” article. Welcome to my site (tada) and my company. Both have been around since mid-2005 but this poor old site has been neglected - what do they say about builders’ houses? Someone graciously commented that it’s “minimalist” - a nice way of saying it’s bland (and that’s my fault). Hopefully I’ll have my favourite designer run over it with some of his magic very soon.