Why it works!

In part 1 we looked at how to wire up a simple command line application using the Joomla Framework and Composer. But we didn’t really explain why it worked, so that’s what will be covered in this tutorial. We’ll look at how to bootstrap the application and the main application class itself.

It Works!

Command line utilities are useful for many things, especially if you want to do something quickly and keep the code light.

Joomla’s Load Module plugin allows you to embed a full module position in your content, or a single module (Joomla 2.5 and above) using simple {loadposition} and {loadmodule} tags. It’s a very useful plugin that allows you to position modules just where you want them on the page.

This is a guide that can help you build Joomla 3 sites with or based on the Protostar template.

I’m really excited about a new addition to the web site. I’m starting to document the Protostar template that comes with Joomla 3.

Some of you may be sending your typical "Contact Us" form on your Joomla site to a Gmail or a Google Apps email address. If you are, and you are using Joomla 2.5 or Joomla 3, you might have noticed a problem - when you reply to the email the address that comes up is your own email, not the email of the sender.

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