Goals for The Art of Joomla in 2013

Well, it’s the time of the year for making plans and I thought I’d try to outline what I have in mind for the Art of Joomla this year. Both 2011 and 2012 were difficult with many life issues getting in the way. Hopefully this year will prove somewhat more productive. Anyway, here are the plans so far for this year.

One of the powerful features of an IDE like Eclipse is the ability for it to “read” your code and give you some assistance about your API as you type. This could include things like class property or methods names, constants, functions, argument lists, and so on. Eclipse/PDT and ZendStudio do this by parsing a PHP class directly, but they also look at your docblocks and some other special comments where the raw PHP is not enough. This article is a bag of tricks that help you get the most out of code assistance using Eclipse/PDT or Zend Studio in those awkward corners of your code that you might have through previously inaccessible.

(Platform >= 11.1, Joomla >= 1.7)

Joomla development 221 - Adding and editing data

This lesson explores the result of adding edit capabilities to the component.

This lesson shows you how to add the backend edit view class and layout files to produce a typical edit item page.

This lesson shows you how to add the backend XML form that will specify the item edit page.

This lesson shows you how to add the backend item model and explains it’s function.