This lesson introduces a new section for how to work with backend edit forms and shows you how to add the item sub-controller.

This lesson looks at adding some custom configuration to the list model’s constructor to permit ordering of the results within a white list of values using the filter_fields option in JModelList.

Joomla development 215 - Adding a List Sub-Controller for the List View of the Joomla Component

This lesson looks at the sub-controller that is required for list operations like publish and trash to work correctly based on the JControllerAdmin class.

This lesson looks add adding filter support to the list model by expanding the populateState and getListQuery methods as well as adding a custom getStoreId method to the list class.

This lesson shows you how to add the layout to the list view that will display a paginated list of records.

Joomla development 211 - Adding the Model to the List View of the Joomla Component

This lesson continues looking at building a list view for a component in the administrator, adding the model class that is required to retrieve the data from the database. It looks in detail that the JModelList class and its populateState and getListQuery methods.