RODE USB Podcaster Mic Review

June 26, 2010

Reading time ~1 minute

The RODE USB Podcaster mic is an excellent choice for anyone wanting to improve the audio quality of their podcasting recordings. In this quick review I look at the quality of the mic compared to a headset and built-in laptop mic. I’m really happy with the results and the purchase.

RODE USB Podcaster Mic Review from Andrew Eddie.

Video length 1:41; 720p HD playback available.

USB microphone, shock cage and studio arm kit price between AU$400 and $500.


For some time now I’ve been producing video tutorials about Joomla and extension. I’ve got a pretty good system on my Mac where I use iShowU for screen capture and iMovie for post production. I have been using iMovie for the voice overs but recently I’ve started scripting (with the help of OmniOutliner) my tutorials and using GarageBand for the recording. One thing I haven’t been happy with, though, is the sound quality. Well, I bit the bullet and bought a RODE Podcaster mic and I’m pretty happy with the results. I’m using it to record now.

Let me swap back to the Logitech headset mic for a bit. You should be able to hear a difference in the audio quality (which I thought was actually quite good).

Now for giggles lets change to the built-in mic in see how it sounds. That’s pretty awful eh.

Ok, we are back to the podcaster again and that should sound a whole lot better. I’ve also bought the studio arm and shock mount which you should be able to see in the picture of the bat cave where I do the rest of my Joomla magic. One of the cool things about the Podcaster, aside from the fact it’s a USB mic that “just works”, is that you can plug a headset into the mic itself and get foldback without latency.

I can certainly recommend this Australian-made product to anyone that wants to add an extra edge to the podcasting or video-torials.

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