New Life in IT wishes to express its thanks to Brett Hooker, owner of Roarz Computing, for sponsoring us financially to contribute more whole development days to complete Joomla 1.6. “It’s pretty important that you be able to focus on 1.6!” Brett says as he was talking to Andrew Eddie, New Life director and long time contributor to the Joomla Project, about the idea. Brett is also a sponsor of the Joomla User Group Brisbane and has now gone the extra step of giving back directly to the Joomla Community through development. Thank you Brett!

If you are in a position to financial sponsor Joomla 1.6 development days through either New Life or other key Joomla developers, please contact us or Ryan Ozimek from Open Source Matters.

You can also support New Life in IT by purchasing a documentation subscription at (the best online Joomla Developer reference available) and also core developers Louis Landry and Rob Schley from by purchasing product from (quality extensions for Joomla 1.5). JXtended announced earlier this year that they would be donating their Comments extension and other in-house code to the Joomla core.

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