Toowoomba Regional Council **][0]has selected [JXtended Labels **to support a Joomla based emergency response web site, replacing an existing and cumbersome bespoke Lotus Notes database. The advantage of the existing system was the ability to show an asset in more than one category. JXtended Labels makes this possible in Joomla by allowing articles to be tagged with more than one label overcoming the limitation in Joomla that articles can be assigned to only one category. The conversion to a web based asset register also allows the site to be used without the requirement of the Lotus Notes desktop client, a serious limitation of the current system in terms of dealing effectively in a crisis. It also consolidates their licensing, training and maintenance requirements even further, providing significant cost benefits.

Council also commissed a new feature in Labels that allows them to be grouped together in related sets which will be available in a future version. New Life in IT is providing this customisation in association with JXtended.

Toowoomba Regional Council has been a long time supporter of the Joomla (and Mambo before it) project, donating significant internal resources since 2003 to directly contribute to the development of this great Open Source software project. Joomla would not be what and where it is today without their support.

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